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Dreadlock Maintenance and New Dreadlocks in Portland Oregon

        A Goddess in her craft, Lovely Locks is THE dread lock creation and maintenance specialist in Portland, Oregon. Using a secret old world technique (and NO PRODUCT!!!), she crafts the cleanest dreadlocks you have ever seen. Dreadlocks can be made from the finest of hair to the thickest, straightest to curliest. No matter who you are, Lovely Locks can craft for you a professional head of dreads. If you currently have locks, a little dread maintenance (on the roots and frizz) will clean up your mane dramatically and rapidly. Receive a free consultation today!

Dreadlock Services

_Best Dreadlocks in Portland Oregon!!!!!

_Put in NEW, healthy, CLEAN LOVELY LOCKS!!!!

_Dreadlock Maintenance


_Root Work and Dread Separation

_Tip Rounding

_Dread lock extensions

_Makin’ locks neat with a secret technique

The BEST place in Portland for Dreadlocks and Dreadlock Maintenance & Culture.

For your Free Consultation, or to Book Your Session, Call: 503-893-2143  or email:







I released my very own debut single!!!!!

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Click here to BUY this song NOW on iTunes.


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